Rob moved from London to the Languedoc in 2004. Since that date he has put his experience in marketing and communications to good use, helping businesses in the region and working a range of sectors including wine, tourism and construction, as well as projects for local authorities.

Passionate about communications and teaching, he trained to teach English as a foreign language to help individuals and professionnels communicate more effectively and naturally in English.


  • TEFL Certificate (Teach English as a Foreign Language)
  • Master of Science Degree in Marketing
  • BA (Honours) Degree in Tourism & Business Management
  • Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing
  • CAM Diploma in Digital Marketing
  • Diploma in Copywriting, Blackford Centre for Copywriting

Teaching qualities

Rob has a natural penchant for teaching and desire to pass on his knowledge. He does his utmost to stimulate the imagination of his clients and explain concepts in the most appropriate way for each one od them, depending on their personality, interests and experiences.

Sessions usually exclusively in English so that clients can be totally immersed in the language. In this way, they’ll get used to thinking in English, will assimilate the words and phrases naturally and use their brain cells to try and make sense of everything. This mental involvement will ensure that learning is strengthened and more permanent.
Obviously if you still don’t understand, Rob can explain things in French. Being a fluent French speaker, and having learnt the language and culture, Rob is also fully aware of the crucial similarities and differences between the 2 languages, cultures and pronunciation.

Speak Just So English

Rob also places great value on working on pronunciation. There is nothing more frustrating than knowing all the words and phrases yet still not being understood because you haven’t pronounced the words like an anglophone or put the right emphasis on the right syllable!
Rob will work on ensuring you understand all the sounds of the English language and how they can vary according to their importance in the sentences.