Native English coach in Bessan (34550), near Agde / Béziers in the Hérault *** or by Zoom / Skype

Progress your English level quickly with your own native coach

Learn to speak English like a real anglophone and speak Just So English!

Native English coach in Bessan (34550), near Agde / Béziers in the Hérault *** or by Zoom / Skype

Progress your English level quickly with your own native coach

Learn to speak English like a real anglophone and speak Just So English!

Who could need a coach in English and why?

There are many reasons why you could call upon a coach in English

Whatever level your English currently is at, a coach can help you reach your objectives fast. Beginners can advance quickly while intermediate or advanced level students can also recognise and overcome their blockages. They can add more refinement to their communications too.

Maybe you already have a good standard of English and don’t want to waste your time re-learning what you already know (by following a rigid training programme). With the help of your personal coach you can work on elements specific to your personal or professional situation and learn to speak in a more authentic way.

The following groups below can benefit a lot from the help of a coach

Professionals - be effective!

anglais pour les cadres

Director, manager or sales person? Feel comfortable with your English-speaking contacts and be more effective in your communication with them.

Your coach, is also an expert in marketing and communications and can help train you and / or your team, individually or as a group. He can also support you in the creation and writing of your promotional literature.
  • Perfection your commercial talk
  • Build solid business relationships
  • Prepare convincing business presentations
  • Create persuasive promotional tools

Individuals - get prepared!

cours d'anglais pour les particuliers

Planning on travelling or living in an English-speaking country? Or maybe you want to improve your chances of obtaining your dream job.

Coaching in English will give you the confidence to speak English and be understood. You'll speak more and more like an anglophone and sound Just So English!
  • Learn to speak English like a native English speaker
  • Travel with confidence
  • Speak with certitude
  • Improve your employability

Students - boost your grades!

Soutien scolaire en anglais

University or college student? A good level of English is often essential to succeed professionally.

With your own coach at your side you can work on your weaknesses and go further than you would in class. You will accelerate your learning and optimise your chances of academic and professional success.
  • Prepare for your entry exams
  • Boost your BULATS/TOIEC or IELTS scores
  • Work on your weaknesses
  • Improve your grades

A coach in English who is Just So English!

Rob, your coach in English from England, is accredited teach English as a foreign language. He is also a specialist in marketing, communications and tourism.
Rob, Coach en anglais brittanique

My goal is to accelerate your progression in English and help you speak authentically like a native speaker in a relaxed but stimulating learning environment.

Sessions are based around your needs, objectives and interests.

Rob is very invested in his work

Rob is very invested in his work Right from the start of our lessons he has targeted my needs. He is adaptive and each of… … (+) “Rob is very invested in his work”


He will help you progress very quickly!

He’s a very good teacher and being English is excellent for pronunciation! … (+) “He will help you progress very quickly!”

Didier Peralta
Bank Manager (retired)

He gave me back my confidence

Rob is an excellent english teacher. He enabled me to obtain my British Council diploma at first time of asking and gave me back my confidence… … (+) “He gave me back my confidence”

Stanislas Adamkiewicz
National Education Inspector

Always smiling, always ready to

Constructive exchanges on various themes, Rob is there to gently correct me and help me make progress! … (+) “Always smiling, always ready to”


Very good teacher!

Super teacher, very attentive, I’ve progressed a lot. The lessons are very clear! Thanks a lot … (+) “Very good teacher!”

Louis Nougaret

He corrects us with explanations

Rob is kind and patient. He corrects us with explanations. Thank you very much!


Sessions adapted to my expectations

For several months now I’ve had the opportunity and pleasure to improve my practice of the English language with Rob (face-to-face at home and, during… … (+) “Sessions adapted to my expectations”

Doctor Patrick Barriot
Medical doctor

Thanks for the lessons Bob!

Your method enabled me in several sessions to apply the correct grammatical rules, which really gained me marks on the day of the exam. … (+) “Thanks for the lessons Bob!”


Rob is an excellent English teacher and coach!

The lessons are perfectly adapted to my professional needs (preparation of a conference in English). Thank you Rob!

Dr Guilhem Bouvier-Berthet

Lessons in the Hérault

carte hérault

Your coach is based at Bessan, near to Agde and Pézenas. He can easily get around the Hérault (34) department or even go further afield for intensive lessons*.

*With a supplement to cover travel expenses

Coaching sessions in English where you are

Coaching sessions where you live or work, or by videoconference

With your own personal English coach you can remain in the comfort of your home or office, without the hassle of going out.

Either your coach will visit you ar your home or place of work, or you can opt for distance learning sessions by videoconference (Zoom, Skype or Facetime…). You could even do a mixture of both if you prefer

Learn how to become even more Just So English with our blog articles

Learn the rules of the English language that you were never taught at school! Learn more about the customs (sometimes strange) of anglophones too.

You can read the articles in English or French (or both!)

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