Who better to accompany your child in his English learning at school or college than a veritable English coach?

Maybe your child is a bit lost in his or her English class or even, quite the opposite, is frustrated that he or she is not making enough progress. If he or she is aiming to get into a good university or higher education establishment, she or she might need a helping hand. You no doubt wish you could help yourself, but you don’t feel like you master the subject enough yourself!

Don’t fret, by calling upon a native English-speaking coach your child will have a real advantage in understanding his or her school lessons and will have more confidence to speak in class. This improved comprehension should no doubt translate into better grades. They may well also end up with an improved pronunciation and knowledge of authentic expressions that are regularly used in real life by anglophones in this day and age.

The sessions are relaxed and good-humoured and available (subject to availability) on Wednesdays until 5pm and other days of the week between 5pm and 7pm.

What are the rates for academic support?

For academic support Just So English offers a special rate of just 25 €/hour or 35 € for 90 minutes plus travel expenses (if applicable) with a minimum engagement of 10 lessons (payable in advance).
Group lessons with several friends of the same level can also be organised at a cheaper rate per child.

You can take on your English coach as a domestic employee (face to face lessons only) by using the CESU (Chèque Emploi Service Universel) from URSAFF to settle your social charges.You can thus benefit from a tax rebate of up to 50% on your fees.

Our hourly rate (salarie net) = 20 € for one person and 30 € for two (plus travel fees). You will then pay the social charges directly to URSAFF. . Calculate the rates here.

Please contact us for more information or see the CESU website.

Travel expenses
  • Bessan (free)
  • St Thibery 5 €
  • Montblanc 5 €
  • Florensac 5 €
  • Vias 5 €
  • Agde 7 €
  • Pézenas 10 €
  • Cap d’Agde 10 €
  • Béziers 15 €

note : this special rate is only for academic support— to help your child with his or her school work and homework. For more personalised and specially prepared lessons the regular rate for students applies.

Save money with online sessions

Sessions by Zoom or Skype are available too. They are more practical and more economic, with no travelling fees to pay for. You could also do a mixture of face to face and video sessions if you wish.

For more information see :

Otherwise contact Rob on 07 61 23 24 16 or fill in the form below

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